Hunterlog is a convenient and easy way to hunt POTA park references using spotting info from the POTA.APP. It’s also Free and Open Source. 🎉

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Rig CAT Control

Easily QSY your radio to a POTA spot by clicking on the Green Frequency button in to spot list. Hunterlog integrates with FLRIG or RIGCTLD for CAT control and those apps will do the heavy lifting.

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Hunterlog logs QSOs to any logger that accepts ADIF over a network connection like Log4OM, Logger32, or ACLOG. It’s not intended to be your main logger and doesn’t contain QSO management features like other logger programs. It does have a backup log file and your QSOs logged with the program can be exported at anytime.

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Visual Indicators

Make hunting easier with visual indicators. A spots age is color coded. Badges are displayed for hunted parks and hunted activators based on your previous stats. Also an indicator is show for hunts of the current activation including which bands you have hunted.

Importing Stats

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About Hunterlog

Hunterlog aims to be an enhanced version of the POTAPlus browser extension. That extension provides easy to use logging and RIG control directly from the POTA spotting page. This project borrows much from the look and feel of that project but as a standalone application. This allows for a much more responsive feel especially on busy POTA weekends.

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